Case Studies

eDiscovery and Document Review Solution


  • Litigation involving clients monoline insurer
  • Insurer alleged bank fraudulently induced them to provide credit-default swaps to protect itself against billions of dollars in losses on securities linked to subprime mortgages
  • Identification, collection, review and production of complex corporate documents and financial transactions in question
  • Review set consisted of 300,000+ documents from custodians located in three countries on two continents


  • Refined the review coding manual, facilitated upfront and ongoing clarifications for the review team with decision logs, synchronized quality levels through periodic calibration exercises with the outside counsel
  • Provided complete transparency into the process through detailed dashboards for reporting productivity, accuracy, and findings on a regular basis

Business Impact

  • Identified relevant data stores to provide counsel with the evidence required to effectively present their case on the bank’s behalf
  • Bank achieved favorable result

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