UnitedLex Affirms Its Commitment to Operation ASHA and the Eradication of Tuberculosis

March 24, 2015

Overland Park, KS (March 24, 2015)

UnitedLex, a global, full-service provider of technology-powered legal and business services, today reaffirmed its commitment to Operation ASHA (OpASHA) and its mission to eradicate Tuberculosis (TB). The company has been a supporter of OpASHA for the past five years.

“UnitedLex has extensive operations in India, where TB is the country’s most urgent public health concern, but the disease affects millions of people around the world,” said Dan Reed, CEO of UnitedLex and member of OpASHA’s board of directors. “Today, on World Tuberculosis Day, UnitedLex affirms its commitment to OpASHA by pledging to raise as much awareness and support for OpASHA as possible in order to help stop the spread of this deadly disease.”

As a member of OpASHA’s board of directors, Reed helps identify corporate and individual donors to help fund research and support the organization’s operations and much-needed clinics. He also provides strategic guidance and planning to ensure the organization’s longevity and success of its mission.

On an individual level, UnitedLex employees around the globe also contribute by participating in Tuberculosis Day events and activities, including local and regional education, awareness and fundraising campaigns, and exploring ways in which technology can be used more effectively to fight Tuberculosis. The findings of the latter will be presented at a technology summit in December 2016.

Operation ASHA began with one TB treatment center in India in September 2006. With 2 million new TB cases and 400,000 TB deaths annually, India has the highest TB burden in the world. OpASHA has successfully treated more than 42,000 patients at more than 240 treatment centers in India and Cambodia. Sadly, TB is spreading like wildfire, now even to the US and UK. In the top 22 high burden countries, there are more than 9 million new cases annually. Operation ASHA’s USP is its high quality and low cost. Its results far exceed all others. For only $80, Operation ASHA supports a TB patient during its difficult 6 month long treatment, and prevents the dreaded Drug Resistant TB.

“We are very pleased to have Dan Reed as a Board member, and to have the support of UnitedLex and its employees as we strive to eliminate Tuberculosis and prevent its spread,” said Dr Shelly Batra, MD, President & CoFounder, Operation ASHA. “As TB continues its growth to global pandemic proportions, we are grateful for the administrative, technological, financial and grass-roots support from organizations like UnitedLex around the world.”

Operation ASHA is one of several 501(c)3 charities supported by the UnitedLex Foundation, a corporate social responsibility program that encourages UnitedLex employees across the world to get involved in their local communities.

About UnitedLex

UnitedLex ( is a global provider of technology powered legal and business services that delivers industry leading legal and cyber risk strategies and solutions. UnitedLex was founded in 2006 with a singular mission to improve the performance of leading corporations and law firms and academic institutions. Since then, UnitedLex's more than 1,800 attorneys, engineers and consultants have provided unparalleled solutions resulting in risk mitigation, efficiency improvements and cost optimization for its clients around across the globe. With more than $250 million in assets and committed capital, UnitedLex deploys the right blend of service and technology to support the world's leading corporations and law firms.

About OpASHA

OpASHA provides tuberculosis treatment and education services to 6.1 million disadvantaged, in slums and villages in nine Indian states and two provinces in Cambodia. With low cost, high impact, scalable & replicable model in place, Operation ASHA continues to grow and expand beyond India’s borders to Southeast Asia and Africa, where millions more suffer from tuberculosis.