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  • ArticleCan You Afford to Leave Patent Revenue on the Table?

    Semiconductor companies often hold untapped profitability in their patent portfolio.

  • Polsinelli, UnitedLex Deepen Alliance with New IP Joint Venture

    In the latest targeted Big Law-New Law partnership, UnitedLex’s technologists and engineers will partner with Polsinelli’s IP attorneys and patent agents to help clients boost the value of their patent portfolios.

  • Case StudyGuard your Patents by Measuring their Worth

    A Fortune 50 semiconductor company mined 3500 patents to optimize portfolio maintenance costs.

  • ArticleForbes: The FT Innovative Lawyers-Global Legal Hackathon: Meeting the Challenge of Law in the Digital Age

  • ArticleThe Economist: Digital is the New Value Driver for Legal

    Digital transformation is the single biggest opportunity for law today.

  • ArticleForbes: After-Corona Legal Careers: More Choice and Less Practice

    Law’s incremental pace of change is about to accelerate dramatically.

  • White PaperIntegrated Solutions for Intellectual Property

    Polsinelli and UnitedLex partner to drive IP revenue.

  • Case StudyIP Due Diligence for Successful Acquisition Integration

    A global telecommunications equipment firm monetized patent portfolio through research and analysis.

  • ArticleForbes: COVID-19 Will Turbocharge Legal Industry Transformation

    UnitedLex and others are leading the charge to push legal industry into new digital territory.

  • ArticleBloomberg Law: Legal Tech Companies Push Forward Despite Virus Disruption

    Bloomberg reporter Sam Skolnik cites UnitedLex among those “unbowed” by the current crisis.

  • ArticleDigital Transformation Maturity and Why It Matters

    Increase the value of legal by embracing the capabilities of digital transformation.

  • ArticleForbes: The Legal Industry Needs a Standardized Vocabulary

    Law’s accelerating transformation is already altering what it means to be a lawyer.

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