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  • Case StudyEarly Case Assessment Delivers $3.1M in Savings

    Fortune 10 energy leverages early legal intelligence to quickly reduce a large data set.

  • Case StudyReduce Legal Spend through Litigation KPIs

    Fortune 500 medical equipment manufacturer uses KPIs to reduce legal spend by over 10 percent.

  • Case StudyNative Redaction Process Delivers $4.3M in Client Savings

    A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company reviewed/redacted 20M pages of patient data in six weeks.

  • ArticleCorporate Counsel: Going from Zero to 60 - How to Get Your Legal Team Up to Speed

    Dan Panitz and H. Bruce Gordon discuss getting the corporate legal team up to speed and driving through the gears in the mosteffective order.

  • White PaperThe Imperative for Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation creates expansive value within legal and across the wider enterprise.

  • ArticleBlending Reverse Engineering Techniques & Technology to Track Patents

    IP valuation and monetization need technical skill and smart plans to maximize portfolio value.

  • ArticleLaw and Digital: The Case for Change

    Corporate organizations embracing digital transformation now will thrive in the digital age.

  • Case StudyDelayering IC IPs with Reverse Engineering Methodology

    Major mobile handset company unearthed critical evidence to strengthen infringement contentions.

  • Case StudyMaximize Patent Portfolio Value with Active Management

    A Fortune 50 semiconductor company assessed its IP portfolio health to reduce annuity spend.

  • Case StudyLandmark Win through End-to-End Litigation Support

    An enterprise software firm leverages timely analysis of source code evidence for favorable win.

  • Case StudyDramatic Data Reduction and Time-Sensitive Document Review

    Fortune 100 bank reduced and reviewed 1.8M documents to meet time-sensitive regulatory request.

  • Video Digital Contracting Creates Operational Excellence

    “We harness data...putting the right work, in the hands of the right people, at the right time.”

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