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  • ArticleBig Law Looks On as ‘New Law’ Gets Closer to Clients

    The first major outsourcing deal involving the DLX law department.

  • ArticleBuilding the Law Department of the Future: Q&A With GC Bill Deckelman

    Deckelman and Reed answer questions about their new partnership.

  • ArticleFace-Off: Harmonising Data Protection Across The Atlantic Remains Critical

    Data sharing arrangements between the EU and US has a troubled history.

  • ArticlePartnering With Procurement Can Bring New Ideas & Added Value to the Legal Team

    Historically, the legal department has had special privileges with regard to spending.

  • ArticleHow Law Firms Can Minimize Write-Downs

    Empowered by increasing demand for legal services, law firms are increasing both their standard and negotiated billing rates.

  • ArticleComing Into The Fold: A 2017 In-House Litigation Counsel Guide

    A guide to joining an in-house litigation team.

  • ArticleOvercoming Obstacles: Ways to Reduce Challenges of Cross-Border eDiscovery

    How to overcome the common stumbling blocks of managing international data transfer and security.

  • ArticleGDPR Gets Real

    With 12 months to go, a look at the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

  • ArticleLegal Service Provider Offers Residency to Law School Graduates

    Similar to medical school graduates, UnitedLex offers legal residency program.

  • ArticleBattening Down the Ship (BDTS)—2017 Corporate Investigation Playbook

    Corporate investigations can result in unanticipated resource costs and financial damage.

  • ArticleChanges In Legal Delivery Parallel The Retail Industry's Metamorphosis

    The legal industry—like retail—is experiencing a paradigmatic shift in its buy/sell dynamic.

  • ArticleD&O Liability Insurance Could Feel Effects of New York’s Cyber Regulation

    The effects of the NY Department of Financial Services’ cybersecurity regulation on the insurance industry.

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