May 15 - 17, 2019

The Lawyer General Counsel Strategy Summit

Asia Gardens Hotel
Terra Mitica 03509 Finestrat
Alicante, Spain

The Lawyer, in association with UnitedLex, presents its annual marquee event for the world’s most influential general counsel. This conference is the prime forum for in-house leaders to gain strategic insight into creating a competitive advantage for their businesses. UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed and Catrin Griffiths, editor of The Lawyer, will engage in an exclusive one-on-one live interview on May 16 to discuss what is driving transformation in the legal sector. Attendees will participate in TED-style talks, interactive roundtables, and panel discussion about how to measure the benefits of legal tech and ensure successful implementation.

May 16 2019, 9:35 – 9:55 AM

Leading the [R]evolution of Law


Daniel Reed

Chief Executive Officer, UnitedLex

Catrin Griffiths

Editor, The Lawyer

Is the legal sector truly going through a revolution? If so, what will the future look like? Hear Catrin Griffiths’ interview with UnitedLex CEO Dan Reed on what is driving the change we are seeing in the legal sector and whether we can truly expect to see a dramatic change in the way legal work is handled. For some years now, the focus has been on reducing legal spend and increasing efficiency—but what comes next?

May 16 2019, 2:05 - 2:45 PM

Measuring the Benefits of Legal Tech


Tim Haveron Jones

Enterprise Legal Services, UnitedLex

Fergus Speight

General Counsel, Royal London

Mohammed Syed

Associate General Counsel, Shell

Caroline Kenny

Associate General Counsel, Facebook

Navigating the tech landscape can be a nightmare, and at times the adoption of new tech can feel like creating solutions for problems you don’t have—so how can you avoid this and make the best of what is on the market? This session will tackle the following questions:

  • Implementing legal tech should be the result of a thorough process of exploring underlying problems and how best to solve them, but what does this process look like in practice?
  • What are the areas where legal tech is really working and making a difference?
  • What were the drivers behind introducing this technology and what was the ultimate goal?
  • Which behaviors need to change for legal tech to be adopted successfully? Does it require a more fundamental change in the way lawyers work?
  • How are you measuring and communicating the expected benefits of your investment?