December 6, 2018

Corporate Counsel Business Journal – Bring Budget Predictability to Litigation and Investigation with Legal Intelligence Webinar

While technologies and processes continue to evolve, the economics of litigation and investigations remain largely unchanged with costs spiraling upwards. Legal service providers are not incentivized to tackle the main driver of cost: the exponential growth of data. Savvy businesses have successfully moved law firms away from the billable hour. This should be the case for other litigation service providers as well. Instead, many law departments still struggle to gain visibility and control over their litigation and investigations budgets.

During this webinar, UnitedLex will discuss a structured methodology to:

  • Define quantitative metrics that will hold law firms and third-party providers to new performance standards
  • Create alternative fee arrangements to drive substantial cost savings and predictability
  • Understand the true costs of litigation and investigations
  • Develop better legal intelligence earlier in the litigation lifecycle
  • Share best practices for managing the efficiency of the litigation and investigations process