eDiscovery for Law Firms 

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If you’re looking for a reliable partner you can easily engage with, who can help you scale, add value and be laser focused on your goals. 

The Value to You

Our goal is to support you, in the way that you need, so you can predict outcomes, mitigate risk and show your clients where the value is. 

We combine your need for speed, plug-and-play technology, and 24/7 resourcing options, all with seamless integration. 

As no two law firms or cases are alike, our solutions are tailored for the size and needs of each matter, along with your goals. 

Simplified pricing models, with options 

The eDiscovery industry is known for opaque pricing. The choice is often either a subscription model that’s a bad fit for you, or a la carte pricing that is difficult to understand. Our pricing options are designed to be clear and simple, with flexibility throughout the life of a matter. You can easily determine which costs should be billed back to your client. 

Functional, not fictional technology  Innovation should be thoughtful and considered. Technology needs to be making things easier. So, our technology platforms are modern and leading edge, but scalable, easy to use, and selected with your needs and outcomes in mind. With flexibility, and plug-and-play options, you can have the right technology for the right case at the right time. 

Extend your team in line with your goals  We like to work with you as a partner. Your goals become our goals. Once we know what you need we can make it happen, with seamless integration to get up and running quickly, and a global team of experts available 24/7. Whether you need extra resources for a well-defined process, or a thought partner to design the most efficient strategy for each case, we’re here to support you. 

  • An elevated experience with personal service, seamless integration, and flexibility to turn on and off solutions as needed. 

  • Generate a culture of information sharing based on what’s most useful to front lines of a case. 

  • Stay at the forefront of industry trends and technology, while driving efficiency and flexibility across matters. 

  • Enhance your practice and maximize revenue, by enabling the firm to take on more clients and matters. 

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