eDiscovery for Corporations

When all you want is to get the job done

You want to discover quickly what you need most for a case, where to invest your time and energy, and have confidence in your strategy, without a surprise price tag at the end.

The Value to you

We can help you develop a strategic advantage with your data and help your eDiscovery process run smoothly. We integrate seamlessly with internal teams, outside counsel, and any existing technology you may have in place already. Our global experts are working for you 24/7 and will focus on your individual needs and goals. Our technology solutions add real value, and we’re so confident, that you’ll only pay for what you use and nothing more.

Solutions with real value, not just cost

You don’t like billing surprises and neither do we. So, we keep everything transparent and simple so you can see the real value of the solution provided. We don’t believe in short term pricing gimmicks, we stand by long term value.

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, with cost structures to flex with your project, so you stay in control with clear reporting and visibility. We’ll even provide you with contractual terms around efficiency and productivity so you can hold us to it, and trust you’re getting consistent value for your money.

Only the technology you need

Technology changes quickly and so do your needs, but let us worry about the technology side for you.

We can plug-and-play with your existing technology infrastructure and fill any gaps you may have, to keep things focused on providing the outcomes you need. It doesn’t need to be complex or costly, it just needs to be quicker and easier to get the job done.

Any innovation in technology we embrace is thoughtful and deliberate, focused on making things more efficient for you.

Flex your team to suit you

Sometimes you need more experts than you have, and don’t always know when you’ll need them. We can integrate seamlessly with your internal teams and outside counsel to keep you moving forwards. Whatever your challenge, we can help you scale quickly, with global experts 24/7, and together we will minimize redundant work, effort, and spend.

We always work with your best interests in mind, and can be available as a thought partner when you need us, or simply an extra set of hands.

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