Contracts & Lifecycle Management 

A Blueprint for Effective Contract Management 

Our end-to-end contract management solutions surface critical, and granular insights, both pre and post signature, by converting complex contract data into simple and easy-to-use business intelligence.

Your Contract Data, Delivered

An industry first, Contract Data as a Service (CDaaS), uses a combination of technology, artificial intelligence, and expert human review to turn complex contract legalese into 1,300+ structured datapoints. Purpose-built to unlock contract value, CDaaS create capacity for our clients, and accelerate business.  

Built on the most comprehensive contract standardization in industry, CDaaS gleans answers from contracts that drive business goals, modernizes legal departments, and offers a blueprint for effective contract management. 

Proactively manage obligations and rights 

With structured data about the positions in your contracts, you can easily identify where specific obligations and rights exist and define additional data to help proactively manage them. 

Integrate contract data into the enterprise

Facilitate enterprise determinations of risk and value by combining contract data with other enterprise systems and data, integrating contract data into the broader data management framework. 

Conduct more informed negotiations 

Enter negotiations empowered with detailed insights of past results across contract types, counterparties, and other relevant data to improve results and maximize contract value. 

Complete risk assessment of your contracts 

Whatever your approach to assessing and grading risk, we’ll create a framework to determine risk scores across contracting results. Easily pull readily available analyses to know exactly where you stand on key issues of risk. 

Save time and money  

With data from your contracts, be prepared for proactive responses to company-wide challenges, removing the time and costs of individual reviews starting from scratch. 

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