Kenneth Cutshaw Council Member

Ken is an accomplished global executive assuming career assignments in law, business, academia, hospitality, non-government organizations, government, and diplomacy. Cutshaw has functioned in leadership positions ranging from C-Suite to law firm partner to an academic dean to the US Government subcabinet.

Cutshaw currently is a partner with FisherBroyles LLP, the world’s largest virtual law firm. He is chairman of FBE Ventures Berhad, a Malaysia based investor. Ken was cofounder of Georgian American University in Tbilisi, Georgia, serving as the first dean of law. He previously served as deputy assistant secretary of the Commerce Department under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

His academic degrees include an LLM from American University, JD and BA from the University of Tennessee, and executive business certificates from the India Institute of Management Ahmadabad and Duke University.